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    Five points to be noted for the use of polyacrylamide

    2018/6/10      view:
    1, polyacrylamide is easy to dissolve in water, but because when its dissolved concentration reaches more than ten percent, it will form transparent gel in water and lose fluidity. If a large amount of polyacrylamide is added to the solution in the instant of dissolution, a solution system of concentration greater than ten percent 10 will be formed in a certain area of water, which makes it difficult to continue the dissolution process. You must first add a certain amount of water until no stirring blade, start the blender, the water solution circulation and adding polyacrylamide, requirements of mixing blades should not have edges and corners, edges, or will cause the bad effect of hanging and shear polyacrylamide molecular chain and the dissolved concentration allowed, and weaken its dispersion effect. The concentration of polyacrylamide is not easy to be too high, usually about 0. 5-1 per thousand. The time of agitation and dissolution of polyacrylamide is not easy to be too long, and the time of mixing is about 5 hours 1-1., otherwise it will destroy its dispersing effect.
    2, polyacrylamide should be dissolved when used now, because the aqueous solution of polyacrylamide will hydrolyze automatically within 20-48 hours, lose viscosity, and eventually lose dispersion.
    3, can not completely dissolve in one hundred percent polyacrylamide solution, there must be a small part of the gel group is not completely dissolved, so the application must be added to the gel filtration equipment, to prevent the group into the paper machine, hanging and sticking cloth or paper.
    4, when the paper machine starts to string up water, it must first add polyacrylamide, so that polyacrylamide can be prevented in the system to prevent the undispersed long fiber clusters and make the production get to the normal state faster. Because polyacrylamide can not be added too much in one time, it is necessary to make it uniform, uniform and dispersed. And the speed of addition can not be too fast, usually at about 0.15 kg / min. When polyacrylamide is added to water, a certain pressure of water should be injected into its added point, so that it can be diluted and dissolved immediately after adding water, so as to achieve the best dissolution effect.
    5. When the amount of polyacrylamide is changed, the speed of the dehydration of the slurry on the paper machine will change. When the amount of polyacrylamide is too large, the dehydration will be too fast or too slow, which affects the normal and stable production. Therefore, when the paper machine is in normal production, do not arbitrarily adjust the amount of polyacrylamide. The suitable ion type for polyacrylamide used in long fiber dispersant is anionic or nonionic type.