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    Sponge iron has the advantage of high efficiency deoxidizatione

    2012/8/17      view:

            Sponge iron is another name called the direct reduction of iron, its chemical composition is relatively stable, to improve the quality of steel by metal elements contained in the dilution in steel, harmful elements contained in the sponge iron is relatively low, can effectively reduce the loading times and reduce heat loss. The spongy iron has a high regeneration effect. As the sponge iron knows its low carbon content, it will be widely applied to the best material for steelmaking in steel electric furnace.
            Sponge iron as the best material for steelmaking by different ways, the way of direct reduction ironmaking steelmaking, iron phosphorus reduction, iron ore reduction method, different methods have different advantages and disadvantages, for which the specific needs to understand, especially for usage of mineral powder magnet and have some planning, whether it is the chemical reaction or the high carbon steel or alloy steel as raw material has its unique characteristics and rules.
            Sponge iron can be effectively eliminated by using oxidation reaction in chemistry, the melting speed overall power consumption compared with relatively low, high efficiency, low cost, high power supply allows the second sponge iron melting process, low accent environment is good, the use of industrial sponge iron has a broader scope of both iron and phosphorus reduction method or other methods have their own unique characteristics, the ferric oxide after reduction of iron briquetting roasting, after a certain time can produce a reduction of iron quality.
            Use the higher rate of sponge iron, the iron reduction way more, DRI need to take into account the physical properties of materials, molding and compression, the overall information about the raw material can be put into production, of course, the physical properties of the material and chemical properties is very important.