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    Application of cationic polyacrylamide

    2012/8/12      view:

        1, as a flocculant, mainly used in industry of solid-liquid separation process, including settlement, clarification, concentration and sludge dewatering process, the main industry application: city sewage treatment, paper industry, food processing industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, mineral processing industry, dyeing wastewater treatment industry and sugar industry and various industries. Used in the city sewage and meat, poultry, food processing waste water treatment process of sludge and sludge dewatering, through which contain a positive charge of the sludge groups in organic gel negative electrical neutralize effect and high polymer excellent bridging condensed function, colloidal particles aggregate into large floc, separated from the suspension. The effect is obvious, and the dosage is little.
        2, in papermaking industry, it can be used as paper strength agent, retention aid and filter aid, which can greatly improve the quality of paper making, save costs and improve the production capacity of paper mills. Can be directly with inorganic salt ions, fiber and other organic polymer in order to enhance the effect of electrostatic bridge the physical strength of the paper, reduce the loss of fiber or filler, accelerate filter water, strengthening, retention and drainage effect, also can be used for the treatment of white water, at the same time, can play a significant flocculation in deinking process in.
        3, fiber mud (asbestos cement products) can improve the drainage quality of asbestos cement products, improve the strength of asbestos sheet billets, and improve the binding ability of additives and fibers in insulation board.
        4. In the mining and coal dressing industry, it can be used as a clarifier for mine waste water and coal washing wastewater.
        5. It can be used in the treatment of dyeing wastewater, leather waste water and oily wastewater so as to remove the turbidity and decolorization to meet the emission standards.
        6. In the purification of phosphoric acid, it is helpful to the separation of gypsum in the wet process phosphoric acid process.
        7. Water treatment flocculants for waterworks with river water sources