Sodium acetate trihydrate

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Product introduction

        It is mainly used in printing and dyeing industry, photography, electroplating, chemical reagents and organic synthesis. Dedicated to the hot water bag, hot and warm feet, warm water bag, treasure cartoon warm handbags, electric hot water production etc.. Printing and dyeing: dyeing it neutralize acid to adjust the pH value; to use achromatic printing in aniline black, for as-d dye color liquid neutralizing agent, treatment agent for sulfur brittle deployment. Organic synthesis: acetylation, cinnamic acid, benzyl acetate, etc. Paint industry: used for direct blue reactive dyes, acid Tibet, Shilin blue lake pigment manufacturing. Other such as tanning, photographic X ray film.

technical parameter

产品名称Product name 无水醋酸钠Sodium acetate 检验报告Inspection Report 合格qualified
分子式Molecular formula C2H3NaO2 分子量molecular weight 82.03
指标名称Index name 指标index
外观Appearance 无色或白色晶体A colorless or white crystal
Sodium acetate content % 58-60
PHvalue5% aqueous solution25℃ 7.5-9.0
chloride(Cl)% 0.1
Water insoluble matter% 0.05
iron % 0.001
sulfate% 0.01

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