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Volcanic rock filter material

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Product introduction
    In terms of physical and microscopic structure, volcanic biofilm is characterized by rough surface and many micropores. These characteristics are especially suitable for microorganisms to grow, reproduce and form biofilms on their surfaces. Volcano rock filter BAF can not only make treatment of municipal wastewater, and organic industrial wastewater, biodegradability of living water, micro polluted water, also can replace quartz sand in water treatment, activated carbon, anthracite used as filter medium, and may also have been factory level two treatment process after the tail water of sewage treatment, the effluent water reuse standards for water reuse.
Product advantage
    Mineral rocks formed by the condensation of magma erupted by volcanic eruptions, most of which are composed of magmatic rocks and porous and porous.
    It is also called "volcanic rock". As a special lithology in the basin strata, ejected rock has a series of characteristics, such as identity with the distribution of natural earthquakes and fault activities, as well as in-situ deposition and time calibration.
    In a narrow sense, the eruption rock is a variety of lava. The lava has two meanings, one is the hot molten state emitted from the surface after volatile emission of magma, also called magma; one is defined by the melt solidification and the formation of rocks. No melt cooling can flow along the hillside or valley, the front end was most likely called lava flow. Due to the difference of chemical composition of slurry, its viscosity and flow speed are also different. Basic melts generally contain less SiO2, less viscosity, and larger flow rate. Acidic pulp contains more SiO2, larger viscosity and lower flow rate. The rock formed by a large area of lava flow is the rock of the lava. In the process of lava condensation, because of the difference of thermal conductivity and surface form of the rock, various forms of wavy lavas, rope lavas, massive lavas, lava falls and lava tunnels can be formed. The melt can be erupted from the crater during the eruption of the volcano, and it can also spill out along the fracture. The chemical composition of the melt is different, and the rock formed after cooling and solidification is different. Mafic extrusive rock is basalt, andesite lavas neutral, acidic extrusive rocks are rhyolite, semi alkaline and alkaline extrusive rock is trachyte and phonolite. More extrusive rock pores, almonds and rhyolitic structure. A glass, or cryptocrystalline texture. Glassy obsidian, perlite, pumice, etc. the pitchstone extrusive rocks called volcano rock glass.
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