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Stereoscopic elastic filler

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Product introduction
The three dimensional elastic packing and mixed solid elastic packing produced by our factory are the ideal carrier filler for our factory after various conditions, a lot of experiments and long time productive operation. Due to the structure form of the filler material unique and excellent technology choice, which has long service life, good oxygenation capacity, small power consumption, fast start-up, stripping, easy regeneration, high load, obvious treatment effect, convenient operation and management, no blockage, no caking and low price etc.. When packing is applied in different process water quality conditions, the density and different assembly forms of wire can be adjusted. It is suitable for various anaerobic, facultative and aerobic processes. This kind of packing is first established at home and abroad, its structure and performance have the international advanced level.
The three-dimensional elastic packing selected high quality varieties of several poly olefin and polyamide in corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistance, mixed with hydrophilic, adsorption, thermal oxidation and other additives, using special three-dimensional elastic packing screened several high quality varieties poly olefin and polyamide in corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, Nai Lao, mixed the hydrophilic, adsorption, thermal oxidation and other additives, using a special drawing, silk wool for process, the strips are interspersed with fixing in corrosion resistance, high strength rope center on the selection and formulation of sophisticated, flexible moderate, make silk of a three-dimensional uniform arrangement of radiation condition, the monomer suspended elastic filler the packing made of uniform in the region can be effective with the full range of three-dimensional stretch, the gas and water, biofilm fully mixed seepage contact exchange, biofilm can be equably implanted in each strand. It maintains good activity and void variability, and can gain larger surface area and good metabolism during operation. This characteristic and phenomenon are incomparable to other domestic packings.

Compared with rigid honeycomb packing, three-dimensional elastic packing has large pore size and no blockage. Compared with soft packing, the material has long service life and non stick connection. Compared with semi soft filler, it has large surface area, fast film hanging and low cost. Therefore, the packing can be confirmed to be the fourth generation of high efficiency and energy saving new fillers after various hard and soft fillers and semi soft fillers.

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