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Coconut shell activated carbon

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Product introduction

    Introduction of coconut shell activated carbon: choose coconut shell from Southeast Asia as raw material, carbonized, activated and refined. Industrial computers are used to control the activation reaction in China. It has finished product refining and processing line and perfect product detection and analysis methods. The products are widely used in all kinds of water purification, gold extraction, chemical catalyst and carrier, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, delicacy of decolorization of liquor, cigarette filter and gas purification.

Cautions of coconut shell activated carbon:
1, coconut shell activated carbon in the transportation process, to prevent mixing with hard material, not to step on, to prevent carbon particles broken, affecting the quality.
2, storage should be stored in porous adsorbents, so in the process of transportation, storage and use, water immersion must be absolutely prevented, because after water immersion, a large amount of water is filled with active void to make it lose its function.
3, to prevent tar substances from being used in the process of use, tar substances should be forbidden to be brought into the activated carbon bed, so as not to clog the gap of activated carbon and make it lose adsorption. It is best to have the deconcharing equipment to purify the gas.
4. In storage or transportation, fire resistant activated carbon can prevent direct contact with the fire source, in order to prevent fire and activated carbon from regenerating and regenerating completely. After regeneration, steam cooling must be reduced to less than 80 degrees, otherwise the temperature is high, oxygen is encountered and activated charcoal spontaneous combustion.

The application of coconut shell activated carbon in the treatment of waste gas:
1. granular activated carbon is often used in vapor phase adsorption, usually allowing air flow to be adsorbed through activated carbon. According to the different state of the activated carbon in the adsorption device, the adsorption layer has several kinds of fixed layer, mobile layer and mobile layer. However, in small absorbers such as electric ice cream and deodorizer in vehicles, adsorption and convection are dependent on gas convection. In addition to granular activated carbon, activated carbon fibers and activated carbon are also widely used in vapor phase adsorption.
Air in instrument room, air conditioning room, basement and submarine facilities in instrument room, air conditioning room, basement and seabed facilities, because of external pollution or the influence of crowd activities in closed environment, it often contains body odor, smoking odor, cooking odor, oil, organic and inorganic sulphides, corrosive ingredients, etc., causing precision instrument corrosion or affecting human health. 2. . Activated carbon can be used to purify and remove impurities.
3. chemical plant, leather factory, lacquer plant and the gas produced by various organic solvents, containing all kinds of organic solvents, inorganic and organic sulphides, hydrocarbons, chlorine, oil, mercury and other harmful elements to the environment, can be sorted with activated carbon after adsorption. Radioactive gases such as krypton, xenon, iodine and other substances emitted from atomic energy facilities must be adsorbed clean with activated carbon before discharging. Coal and heavy oil produced by the burning of flue gas, containing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, they are the pollution of the atmosphere, the formation of acid rain harmful components, and can also be adsorbed by activated carbon.
4. Deyuan brand coconut shell activated carbon used to refine gas is still a lot of use cases, such as gas mask, cigarette filter, refrigerator deodorizer, automobile tail gas treatment device, all of which use the excellent adsorption properties of activated carbon to remove the toxic components in the gas, the adverse ingredients of the human body, or the odor components. For example, after adding 100~120ng activated carbon into the cigarette filter, see table 3-6-2, which can remove a large part of the harmful components in the flue gas.
Brief introduction of special activated carbon for purifying water: it is made of high quality coconut shell and processed by carbonization, activation and finished product refining. The first industrial computer in the same industry is used to control the production of activated production, with a complete set of refined production lines, such as crushing, screening, cooking and removing sand, and perfect testing means. The product has the characteristics of well-developed pore structure, large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, low impurity content and repeated regeneration. It is widely used in the deep purification of drinking water, industrial circulating water, boiler make-up water, electronic industry, beverage and food industry.

Technical parameter
The main parameters of activated carbon for water purification are as follows:


Specifications (eyes)


Iodine adsorption value(mg/)

PH value

ash content(%)

Iodine adsorption value(g/ml)

Water content(%)









Note: 1. carbon pickling pH was 5-7, pH = 7 unpickled carbon;
The technical indicators in the 2. table can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.
3. the test method is GB/T12496-99, and the foreign standard refers to ASTM or JISK1474.
4. package 25KG/ bag or decide according to user's demand.

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