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Biological filler

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Product introduction
Biofilm method is to make microorganisms attached to the surface of the carrier, and sewage is flowing through the micro membrane attached to the carrier surface. It can decompose pollutants through the adsorption of organic matters, the diffusion of oxygen into the biofilm and the biological oxidation in the membrane.
In aerobic biological fluidized bed process, the solid hollow filler is used as a aerobic biological carrier. The packing is hollow structure, and the packing is running normally, and the filler is suspended in the water. The growth of anaerobic bacteria in the fillers can produce denitrification, which can remove nitrogen. The aerobic bacteria grow outside and remove organic matter. Nitrification and denitrification process exist simultaneously.

Biological fillers are divided into combination packing, stereoscopic elastic packing, porous suspension ball packing, active biological filler and so on.

Product features
Characteristics of biological filler
1, using high quality ethylene propylene copolymer, soaking in long time will not cause degradation of wastewater, nor will it be toxic to microorganism. It is better than other materials such as polyvinyl chloride.
2, special structure, hollow filler structure is inside and outside, there are three hollow circles, 1 circles in each circle, 36 edges outside. After many times research and development, it is successful.
3, the high specific surface area, the specific surface area of the ordinary microorganism is 90-180, the specific surface area of the hollow filler can reach 600, and the dual specific area is as high as 860. Because of the high specific surface area, the biomass in the unit volume is high, and it can achieve the purpose of short hydraulic retention time.
4, the high activity of microorganism. The biofilm growing on the surface of the packing is due to the fluidization of the filler. The aeration scour makes the microorganism in the logarithmic growth period of high activity, and the treatment efficiency is high.
5. The hollow filler is floating, easy to replace and long service life.
6. The ability of denitrification and decomposition of organic matter is strong to achieve the purpose of removing ammonia nitrogen

technical parameter

Biological filler specification
25*12, the degree is 0.4-0.6mm, the material is the new material polypropylene.
Note: the length of the biological filler can be produced according to the requirements of the user. The product model suffix is FW indicating that the filler is added to the filler to make the filler with positive charge.

Physical characteristics

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