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Anthracite Filter Media

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Product introduction

Anthracite filter material is the most widely used filter material at present. It is commonly used in our country to popularize double deck rapid filter and three layer filter and filter tank filtration. It is the most effective way to increase the rate of water output per unit area and to increase the capacity of pollution, to reduce the cost of the project and to reduce the area of land. It is widely used in the process of water quality treatment before and after the production of chemical, metallurgical, thermoelectric, pharmaceutical, paper, printing and dyeing, food and so on. The role of anthracite filter material in filtration process directly affects the quality of filtered water. Therefore, the selection of filter material must meet the following requirements: the mechanical strength is high, and the rate of breakage and wear rate should not be greater than 3% (by weight). Chemical properties are stable without toxic and harmful substances.

Product advantage
It does not dissolve in ordinary acid, alkaline and neutral water. Our products are determined by the water treatment and filter monitoring and testing center of China. The soluble rate of hydrochloric acid is 0.98% (the ministerial standard is 3.5), which can achieve good purification effect in all kinds of water sources. The grain size distribution is reasonable and the specific surface area is better. The appearance of the product is ball shaped and angular, gloss is good, it is screened by mechanical vibration for three times, and the gradation accords with the relevant technical indexes. The size of the grain size is less than the specified lower limit and the weight is not more than 3%. It is larger than the specified upper limit, and the weight is not more than 2%.
The content of other heavy metals did not exceed the national drinking water standards inherent moisture is less than 1% C content less than 90% anthracite fill considerations and requirements: Anthracite must be filled in before the filter (filter) internal clean. Evenly laid each layer of filter material, when the thickness to calibration, the filter must be raked. The filter material will be worn for a long time. If the operation is improper, there will be "running material". Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of the filter material regularly. If there is a loss, it needs to be replenished in time. If the running time of the filter is too long, the water quality is not clear for a long time, or the filter layer is disorderly, then the filter material should be replaced or re graded. Our company is dedicated to the service of the vast number of users.
Anthracite filter material is a filter material for water treatment industry, which is specially selected from deep well minerals with the highest percentage of carbon content. Anthracite filter material is artificially classified, which can reduce unrelated minerals and reduce ash content, through filtering and washing to ensure that it is suitable for water filtration. As a result of the good retention of solid particles, anthracite can reliably improve the clearance of suspended particles.

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