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Ammonia nitrogen removal agent -N2

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Product overview
This product reduces ammonia nitrogen is a chemical precipitation method. Its principle is: through the addition of chemicals to the wastewater, the Mg2+ and PO43- react with NH4+ in water to form precipitates, thereby removing NH4+. The effect is more than 95%, and there is no two pollution. This method is easy to use, direct investment in sewage, which can be widely used in the treatment of wastewater containing ammonia, ammonia recovery in high nitrogen and at the same time, the sediment containing phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen, magnesium, etc. can be used as a high efficient compound fertilizer, the method has high economic value.

Product performance indicators:





密度density g/cm(20℃)

1.1 - 1.5

pH (1%水溶液aqueous solution)

1 - 3

 pH值适用范围Scope of application of pH value

7 - 12

Usage method
1 Laboratory testing:
In order to achieve the best treatment effect, a laboratory test should be carried out first.
(1) take a certain amount of waste water to be treated, such as 200mL wastewater.
2. Remove a proper amount of ammonia nitrogen remover, add to the waste water to be treated, add alkali pH to 9.
(3) stirring 1h to make the reagents fully reacted and statically set up 15min.
(4) take the supernatant and detect the value of ammonia nitrogen.
2. field use:
(1) this product can be directly put into the treatment of high ammonia nitrogen waste water, and then PH to 9, stirring reaction for 1 hours.
After the reaction, after the precipitate is fully precipitated, the liquid can be discharged.
Product features
1. functional medicaments developed specially for wastewater which is difficult to be treated by biochemistry.
2. easy to add and use, with good operability.
3. has the auxiliary function such as decolorization.
4. widely used in high and medium concentration of electroplating, PCB, printing and dyeing, leather, food, pharmaceutical and other industrial wastewater treatment.
Transportation and storage
1. use special tank car transportation.
2. under normal temperature and atmospheric pressure, avoid light preservation, the shelf life of 12 months.
3. this product is an acid liquid, in use to avoid direct contact with the skin. If you are not careful to splash on the skin, you can wash it with a lot of flowing water.

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