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Product introduction
Zeolite filter material is aluminosilicate mineral. Its appearance is white or brick red. It belongs to weak acidic cation exchanger. After introducing active components artificially, it has new ion exchange or adsorption capacity, and its adsorption capacity is also increased. It is mainly used for softening treatment of small and medium-sized boiler water, so as to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, so as to reduce the formation of scale in the boiler, reduce the corrosion of water measuring metal and prolong the service life of the boiler. In the treatment of wastewater, it can be used to remove phosphorus and lead and six valence chromium in water. After the failure, the zeolite can be used for repeated use after the reflux of strong brine.
Product advantage
Physicochemical properties of zeolite:
The proportion of g/cm3 2.0~ 2.6 mud content% less than or equal to 1
G/cm3 1.6 weight% water content less than 1.5
The wear rate is less than or equal to 1 sodium ion exchange capacity is more than 800 g/cm3
The activated zeolite is a natural zeolite activated by a variety of special technology, the adsorption properties of natural zeolite is stronger than that of ion exchange performance is better, not only can remove turbidity, color, odor, and heavy metals in water, harmful such as chromium, cadmium, nickel, zinc, mercury, iron ions and organic compounds: phenol 666, three, DDT, nitrogen, ammonia, phosphate ions and other substances with Adsorption Exchange, but also conducive to the removal of various pollutants and micro water extract does not contain toxic, harmful substances, removal of iron in water, fluoride effect is more significant. Therefore, activated zeolite is a new ideal filter material for industrial water supply, wastewater treatment and tap water filtration.

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