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Magnetite filter

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Product introduction
    Magnetite is from the iron content of selected 40-60% magnetite and black streak, no cleavage, strong magnetic, brittle, odorless, tasteless, it has long fast filtration speed, strong interception capability, long life cycle, suitable for large pipe resistance water distribution system. In the three layer filter, it is usually combined with anthracite and quartz sand filter, which is a better ingredient in our country. It is a heavy filter material, it is not easy to mix when backwashing, and has good adaptability to the improved bearing layer and water distribution system. It is the filtration rate can reach 30-40 meters /, is no less than the multilayer filter, filter in addition, the removal of iron and manganese removal effect is obvious.

Product advantage

1, light quality, high strength, stable physical and chemical properties, durable.
2. The fiber wire floating with the water makes the gap between the fillers variable and is not easily blocked by the biofilm.
3. The specific surface area is large, the activity is strong and the treatment effect is good.

Application scope:
It is widely used in high standard water in the fields of oil field, chemical industry, electric power and metallurgy, and recycling, side filtration and waste water recycling.
Packaging and storage:
1000 / bag (woven bag), which can be packed according to customer's needs.
In the process of storage, moisture-proof, sunscreen, waterproof, avoid packaging damage as far as possible, so as to avoid the effect of adsorption.
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