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Fiber ball packing

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    Fiber ball packing is made of fiber wire. It is different from the traditional steel granular filter material. It has the characteristics of good elastic effect, no floating surface and large void ratio. During the filtration process, the gap of the filter layer gradually becomes smaller along the flow direction, which is in accordance with the distribution law of large and small pores on the ideal filter material. It has high efficiency, fast filtration rate (20-50m/h), good filtration effect, renewable and low cost. It is suitable for fine filtration of various water quality, oil field oily sewage and also suitable for oil field. It is used for fine filtration of other industrial wastewater.
    Fiber ball filter has high efficiency and small area of equipment. It has high application value in water treatment, especially in deep water treatment. It uses deep technology to filter directly. It does not need to add medicament (better effect of dosage), and it can intercept small suspended matter which is not easy to precipitate and remove. In order to achieve satisfactory treatment effect, our company can provide different sizes of filter balls according to the original water quality (the content of suspended matter and the size of particles), so that the treatment of water quality can reach a better effect. The removal rate of COD in sewage treatment is generally between 10-30%.
    The mechanism of removing oil and organic matter from modified fiber spheres is direct interception, inertial interception and electrochemical adsorption. Before filtration, oil content is less than 15mg/L, suspended matter is less than 10mg/L. After filtration, water quality is less than 5mg/L, and suspended matter is less than 2mg/L.
    The adsorption capacity of oil and organic matter is enhanced by the modification of the surface of the fiber ball. The new type of ligature of the modified fiber ball reduces the porosity along the flow direction, forming a larger and smaller pore distribution on the ideal filter material, and the filtration effect is better and the filtration rate is high, up to 25-30m/h. The filter material only needs to be supplementing about 10% per year, and no need to be replaced.
    The modified filaments are hydrophilic and oil-free, and have good backwash and regeneration properties. It is an ideal fine filtration material suitable for oily wastewater treatment.
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