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Wood powdery activated carbon

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Product introduction
Wood powder activated carbon detailed description: select high quality coconut shell, shell (core), charcoal, coal as raw materials, carbonization, activation, refined Seiko. It has the characteristics of developed pore structure, large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. It is widely used in various sewage treatment, tap water treatment, sugar, edible oil, monosodium glutamate, fruit juice, wine, citric acid, tartaric acid and fine chemical products, such as decolorization, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins and other kinds of drugs, such as decolorization, impurity removal and so on.
Product advantage

Technical parameter

The technical indexes of powdery activated carbon:


Specifications (eyes)

Iodine value(mg/g)

Caramel decolorization(%)

Methylene blue decolorization(ml)

Ferric salt(%)

PH value

ash content(%)

Main uses





Decolorization of wine、Refined







Decolorization of carbohydrates、Refined







Vitamin、monosodium glutamate、food、Drug decolorization






Purification treatment of various kinds of sewage





Chemical reagent、Decolorization of fine chemical products

Note: the technical indicators in the 1. table can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.
2. the test method is GB/T12496-99, and foreign standards refer to ASTM or JISK14743.
3. package 25kg/ bag is fixed according to the user's needs.

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