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Honeycomb activated carbon

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Product introduction
Honeycomb activated carbon
Performance parameters: two kinds, water resistance and water resistance, all index parameters are the same, the size and size can be produced according to customer requirements, conventional 100*100*100mm, 50*50*100mm.
Product advantage
Product characteristics:
Honeycomb activated carbon has large specific surface area, microporous structure, high adsorption capacity and high surface activated carbon, which is widely used in air pollution control. The honeycomb activated carbon adsorption method is adopted, that is, the exhaust gas and the porous activated carbon with large surface are contacted. The pollutants in the waste gas are adsorbed and decomposed, thereby playing a role in purifying. The pollutants that can be removed from honeycomb activated carbon are: nitric oxide, carbon tetrachloride, chlorine, benzene, two formaldehyde, acetone, ethanol, ethyl ether, methanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, styrene, phosgene, malodorous gas and so on. Use of honeycomb activated carbon modified chemical reagent soaking after removal: acid mist, alkali fog, amines, thiols, two sulfur chloride, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon tetrachloride, mercury, dioxins and other.
Air pollution is the best honeycomb activated carbon, two adsorbers in parallel form, can be used for the treatment of intermittent exhaust, are available for continuous exhaust, one adsorption, another adsorber for desorption, the desorption of pollutants after emptying the catalytic combustion. The use of honeycomb activated carbon to avoid high temperature as much as possible, because the high temperature will reduce the amount of adsorption, the adsorption effect will decrease because of temperature. At the same time to avoid the high dust content in the gas, because tar dust will plug the activated carbon pores, increase resistance, reduce the adsorption effect, in this case to install dust filter in front of honeycomb activated carbon, in order to improve the efficiency and the service life.
Technical parameters:
The main ingredients of activated carbon normal compressive strength greater than 0.8MPa used in standard 50*50*100mm, 100*100*100mm temperature less than 400 degrees Celsius hole density of 100 holes per square inch, 150 holes per square inch of empty tower wind speed of 0.8 m / S ratio surface area greater than 700 m2 / g smooth surface appearance of products, there is no crack note: other specifications can be produced according to. User requirements
Product characteristics:
It is widely used in all kinds of organic waste gas purification systems with low concentration and large air volume. To be able to fully contact with the treatment of waste gas by activated carbon in honeycomb activated carbon square hole, the adsorption efficiency can reach 67.16%, the drag coefficient is small, with excellent adsorption and desorption properties and gas dynamics performance, can be widely used for the purification of toluene, xylene, benzene, benzene, phenol, alcohols, aldehydes and other lipids organic gas and odor gas containing trace metals in various types of gases. The environmental protection equipment with honeycomb activated carbon has high purification efficiency, small volume of adsorption bed and low energy consumption of equipment, which can reduce the cost and operation cost. The purified gas completely meets the requirements of environmental protection and emission.
Product use:
The exhaust treatment of ventilation equipment, such as food, chemical industry, industrial tail gas treatment, airport, shipyard, electronics industry, automobile factory, pharmacy, medical treatment, Arts crafts emporium, large theater, etc.
Technical parameter
Technical index:

项 目 Subject 指 标 Index
规 格 Specification (mm) 50*50*100 100*100*100
碘吸附值 Iodine Absorb (mg/g) ≥750
比表面积 Specific Surface Area (㎡/g) ≥600
四氯化碳 CTC (%) ≥65
抗压强度 Compressive strength(mpa) 0.9
水 份 Moisture (%) ≤5
方 孔 Square hole (in)2 150
壁 厚 Wall thickness (mm) 1.0
使用温度 Temperature (℃) ≤400
体积密度 Bulk Density g/cm3 0.35-0.60
苯吸附率 Adsorption rate of benzene % 动态吸附 Dynamic adsorption≥37
苯吸附率 Adsorption rate of benzene % 静态吸附 Static adsorption≥52
空塔风速 Air tower wind speed 0.8米/秒
孔密度  Pore density 100孔/平方英寸Hole / square inch、150孔/平方英寸Hole / square inch
注明:以上所有规格指标都可按客户要求生产。Note: all the above specifications can be produced according to the requirements of the customer.

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